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C E Singers
C E.  Singers 6th, 7th, and 8th graders!
                                                         Directed by: Mrs. Karen Ortiz
                                                         Pianist: Sharon Beard

End of Year Concert
Dear Choir parents,
Just a reminder:
Monday June 1st is our Spring performance here at CECA. It will begin at 6:30 and singers need to report at 6:00 p.m. to room 301 dressed in their black CE Singer shirt and Tan uniform pants NO SHORTS and black shoes please.
If you are a parent who can help with setting up the balloons for this event, please let me know asap.
We will have Yogurtland here as well, so bring a little extra money to enjoy a yummy treat and help us pay off our expenses from this year.
Choir will sing for 8th grade promotion on June 8th as well. Choir will need to report by 5:30 to Highland Springs Resort. More info to come.
I will need a couple of parents to help with this evening event.
Thank you,
Mrs. Ortiz
End of year concert and 8th Grade Promotion
Dear Choir Parents,
I was so very proud of the job the kids did at Festival! They were awesome!!
A few Reminders,
End of year Choir Concert: Monday June 1st in our multipurpose room. 6:30 p.m. Singers will need to report by 6:00 to room 301 in their Black CE Singer Shirt and tan pants black shoes.
Families are welcome! Come and enjoy all the hard work your kids have been putting in this Semester!

We will have Yogurtland here as well, so bring a little extra money to enjoy a yummy treat.

8th grade Promotion
The choir will sing for 8th grade promotion as well On June 8th choir will need to report by 5:30p.m. to Highland Springs Resort There will be more information to come on this.
Thank you!

Mrs. Ortiz

In order to help us with the Frozen Yogurt order number and not to waste, would you let us know a number of how many yogurts you may want.


__________________ chocolate ___________________ vanilla

_____________________Strawberry ______________________sugar free

Singer name:_________________ญญญญญญญญญญญญญญญญญญญญญญญญญญญญญญญญญญญญญญญญญญญญญญญญญญญญญญญญญญญญ___________________________________

Festival: Saturday May 2nd
Report time to Parkview Middle School 7:00 AM Report to the Band room off of the parking lot
We will sing at Whitney High School 16800 Shoemaker Ave. Cerritos, Ca at 10:05 All parents need to be seated prior to this. They do discourage little ones who may cause a disturbance. They do ask that you not enter the theater while another group is performing. This is an adjudicated event and they do not want the on stage group to experience disruptions. Thank you for your cooperation.

If your child is not going on to Knotts Berry Farm with us, you must turn in the early release form.

We plan to leave Knotts Berry farm around 9:45 and will be home around 11:45 p.m. We ask that you be there to pick up your student on time. We will have kids call when we reach Redlands.

We are still in need of Chaperones, if you can help, please let us know asap.
Spaghetti Fundraiser
CE Singers is having a Spaghetti Fundrasier at Kopper Kettle Kafe on the Blvd. Thursday February 26th 4:30 to 7:00
All singers need to be present to serve. Check your time frame to be in attendance.

Altos: 4:15-6:00
Men: 5:30- 6:30
Sopranos: 6:00 to 7:30
All forms and money are due back to Mrs. Ortiz by February 19th.

If we are going to attend festival, we need all singers to do their part and raise the funds to go. It is $85.00 a student to attend the festival Knotts Berry Farm trip. If you sell 10 tickets, that is $70 towards that amount needed for you to attend.

We can do this guys!!!
CECA Day at

Come and enjoy some yummy frozen yogurt, toppings and family enjoyment while supporting CE Singers! Must bring in flyer!!! Flyer good all day and evening.
Feb: 9, Feb 25 ,March 9, March 25, April 6, April 22, May 4, May 27
Time: All Day and evening per store open hours

District and Holiday Concerts
Dear Choir Parents,

Just a reminder, Tuesday December 16th is the district Choir concert. All singers need to be at Mesa View Middle School by no later than 6:00 p.m. The program will start at 6:30 p.m..
Also on Thursday December 18th is CECA’s school musical. The choir will open the musical. Singers need to be at Yucaipa High School by 5:30 p.m.

Please have your student wear their black choir shirt and their tan uniform pants with black shoes to both performances.
Thank you for all your support!!
Mrs. Ortiz
District Choir Concert
All District Choral Concert. We will meet at Mesa View on Tues.Dec. 16th Please wear your CE Singer T-shirt ,your tan school pants and black shoes. Girls, just make sure bows are not too high as to block the person behind you. Time will be announced.
T-shirt order due today!
Just a reminder, if your student is in Choir, The T-shirt order and money is due today. I must make the order this afternoon to get them here in time for Our Oct. 4th singing. Please, if you did not send in the money, call the office with a size for me and send your money in tomorrow. The shirts are $12.00. Thanks everyone! Everyone does need a shirt!
Spring Festival

Dear Choir Students and Parents,

Our Spring Choral Festival in April will be $85.00 a student which will include bus, entrance into the festival and Knots Berry Farm when we are done singing. Please make monthly payments if this amount will be overwhelming in a lump sum. We will need $40.00 of the $85.00 in by December for each singer. If you pay just $15.00 a month, your trip will be paid for in no time. Please make your payment each month by the 10th of the month. Thank you for your support!

Fall Festival
Choir will be singing at our Fall Festival on Oct 4th. Please be in room 301 by 4:30 dressed in your black choir shirt and black pants, no skinny jeans!!!! Thank you! If you will not be here to sing, please make sure you turn in a signed paper from your parent to Mrs. Ortiz.
Choir T-shirts
Hey everyone, we will have our CE Singer shirts on order. If you want one and I encourage us all to get one as we can use these at some of the functions rather than the uniforms, then make sure you get your order in on time. All orders due by Sept. 22nd! T-shirts are 12:00 each, make your checks payable to CECA ASB and put choir in the memo!.
We will continue to practice our regular practice times in order to prepare for the 8th grade celebration.   Please make sure you attend practice.   I am very proud of your job at festival!   You guys are Awesome!!!!
Final practice at Parkview for festival.
We will practice at Parkview Thursday  May 1st  3:30-5:30 p.m.   If your child needs a ride from CECA to Parkview after school, please have them let Mrs. Ortiz know by Tuesday and we will work something out to get them to Parkview after school.  Please Pick them up from Parkview at 5:30.
Practice at Parkview
Don't forget  Practice is at Parkview tomorrow  4- 24  at 7:15 am.  Everyone needs to get to Parkview by 7:10 a.m.
Festival INFO

Festival Trip Choir


Date: May 3rd Saturday

Report Time:  Report to Parkview Middle school at 6:45 am    Do not be late we cannot wait as   Parkview’s band performs first.  Eat something for breakfast or bring a snack!!!

Wear:  Please come dressed in your CECA girls-dress and black shoes or Boys black pants, black shirt and bow tie  and cummerbund  black dress shoes.

Bring:  Sack lunch, money for dinner/ drinks and snacks, change of clothes your Choir T-shirt will be   provided to you all, are expected to wear their choir T-shirt), you   may wear jeans or shorts as   long as they fit CECA dress code comfortable walking shoes no flip flops!.  Please bring  sun screen as well!

Location:  Whitney High School Theatre, 16800 Shoemaker Avenue, Cerritos, CA. 90703- Music Festival

                    Knott’s Berry Farm- Buena Park             
 Choir performs at 12:05 / Parkview’s band  performs 9:40

Return:  We are hoping to be back to Parkview by 11:45 p.m, we will have the kids give you a call when  we get to Redlands. Please come as quickly to pick them up as you can, as we will all have had   a very long day. 


Families:   Families are welcome to come and watch the festival. You are on your own for Knott’s Berry farm.  Please remember that this is a school field trip and groups are set to safety ratios and your child is expected to remain with their group.  I appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter so that all of the singers are able to enjoy a fun day.



Choir Festival
All money is now due!  Please check with your student on how much they owe still.  Festival is May 3rd  please note the festival change in date!!!!
Bingo Spaghetti Night Fundraiser
 Saturday, February 15th  5-8 p.m.  At Competitive Edge.
Dinner adult $10.00, Child  $5.00.
Festival deposit due
Just a reminder, the festival deposit is due January 26th of 40.00.  Please make sure you bring it to Choir on Thursday!!!  We are excited we are going to festival!!!
Very proud of the job you all did for our Christmas performances.  Can't wait to start Spring work with you all!  You looked wonderful and sang the same!!!
Thank you!

Thank you to the CE singers for representing CECA so well on the trip today!  I WAS VERY PROUD OF ALL OF YOU!!!!   It was a cool trip!
Our Christmas season schedule
Please see the attached for our schedule for the Christmas season.  Your kids should have brought you a permission slip for the field trip already and will have a second permission slip for the 19th.  Thank you for all your support!!!

Dear CE Singers and families,

     We will be a little busy this month.  See the info below please.

Practices:  We will practice Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for the next three weeks. We will return to just Tuesday/ Thursdays after the break.   We will have a couple of lunch time rehearsals as well.

Field Trip:  We will be leaving at 9:15 a.m. on Wednesday Dec. 11 on our trip to go listen to the Acapella Singers.  Please make sure your student has eaten a good breakfast.  They will need a sack lunch that day as we will return as lunch is ending, missing the cafeteria option.  They will not take backpacks with them, but do need to bring a weather appropriate jacket.  They need to be dressed in their CECA uniform looking theater ready please. As these were free tickets given to us, I do not have extra tickets to take extras along. There will be three adults on the trip between myself our accompanist, and Parkview’s music teacher.

Dec 19th   Thursday.   CECA School Christmas Program and All District Winter Choral Program.  Due to things beyond our control, these two events are on the same night for us. So, CE Singers will meet at CECA at 4:45 p.m. fully dressed in our beautiful new Choir uniforms,  girls please wear black hose or knee highs, boys black dress socks, black shoes for everyone please.  Please eat a good dinner before you come, preferably not in your choir clothes!!! Everyone will need to bring a water bottle or two.  We will give the boys their studs and buttons and girls their pearls and then load into the district approved driver vehicles and drive to Redlands High School to open the CECA show at 6:15 p.m.  As soon as we are done at Redlands High school, we will load into the vehicles and drive back to Parkview Middle school to perform at the All District Choral Winter Concert which begins at 7:00 p.m. They have been gracious to place us 3rd in the program to accommodate us.  Parents are welcome to attend both programs or if you wish, you may attend one or the other as we will sing most of our songs at the CECA show as well as all their pieces at the District concert.  I recommend if you are going to the Redlands High performance you get there early as parking is limited.  At Parkview if you arrive 20 min to 7:00 you should be just fine, however don’t panic if you don’t see us right at 7:00, we will be traveling there, have a seat and enjoy the other choirs.  Students will be expected to stay and sing the final all choir piece at the end of the concert.  Please do not ask to take your student early.  All students need to be picked up from Parkview Middle School at the end of the performance approximately 8:15ish. EVERY singer is needed at both performances!!!!!

We thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this matter and hope you enjoy the programs that your child has been working to prepare.

Have a wonderful Christmas!!!

Mrs. Ortiz

Jerry's T's fundraiser
All packets are due back in by Nov. 22 so we can receive our order before Christmas.  All earnings will go towards paying for our bus for festival!! Don't forget, checks are made out to CECA Colorguard Boosters as we are sharing the fundraiser and the boosters will handle the fundraiser ordering.
Hold The Date for Festival
We are  tentatively scheduled for Festival competition on April 26,2014.  Please hold the date.  We will go to Knott's Berry Farm after the  festival.  Please make sure you are planning for the $80.00 per singer fee, $40.00 due by February 1.  You may start sending in your fee money at any time.  We will start with some fundraising help asap, so be looking for Jerry's Tees fundraiser to be coming home this week.
Added Wednesday Practice
We will add meeting Wednesday Mornings at 7:15 a.m. from now until our holiday concert in December, to insure we are well prepared for our concerts.  If your family schedule is  already set and you can not make it that is OK, the more practice time we get the  better we will be.  Thank you all for your time and commitment!  CE Singers are amazing!!!!
Garmet Bags
Each member will need a garment bag to protect their uniform when we travel, so consider buying one from our fundraiser and kill two birds with one stone!!! PTA Fund raiser is due Nov. 6th
Hold the date!!!!
The CE Singers will be Singing the National Anthem at the  66ers  baseball game on Friday May 2nd!!!  More info to come!!!
Field Trip
We are excited, we will be going to the Sturges Center to enjoy the  Acapella Singers on Dec. 11th.  Make sure you get your permission slips in on time.  We will be going with Parkviews choir.  Report time to Mrs. Ortiz's room will be 9:30 a.m., we will return around  12:45 to CECA.  Everyone will need a sack lunch that day.  If you need one from the cafeteria, please let me know.
Uniform Money
Don't forget our uniform money is due by October 3.  Please ask your singer for their order form. We could use another parent to help measure on Oct. 3rd still.
Hold The Date!!!!
Our Winter all district choral program will be on  Thursday December 19th.  7:00 p.m.  at Parkview Middle School.
Thank you to those who are getting to  rehearsals on time.  I know it is early, but we need to be on time as we have such a short rehearsal time.   We begin promptly at 7:15 am.
Our First Performance
Save the date!!!!   We will be opening our  Fall Festival with our song Pledge of Aliegance.   Please be in room 301 by  no later than 4:30  we will perform promplty at 5:00.  Please wear your CECA tan pants and Light blue uniform shirt for ladies and dark blue for our gentleman since our uniforms will not be in as of yet.
Please don't worry about the binders, they are being generously provided for us!!
Special Thank you!
Thank you to Ms Beard for volunteering to be our pianist this year!!   We really appreciate your time!!!
Please make sure you have:

1. A black  1/2 inch binder  No writing  or view finder on the front please!
2.  Several sheet protectors to hold your music in.
3. Uniform    We will send out the order sheets shortly.

Don't forget:  Rehearsals are Tuesdays and Thursdays  before school at 7:15 a.m.  sharp!
Lesson Videos by Mr. Stockman
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2nd Grade O Tannanenbaum
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